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Will ChatGPT replace humans?

The viral chatbot ChatGPT by OpenAI is one of the most powerful chatbots the world has seen. Within 5 days it has reached 1 million users and it can do many things; From fixing codes to writing essays. Hence comes the discussion of AI stealing away jobs. Here is our take on the same.

ChatGPT is a viral AI-based chatbot that can answer any query a user asks in a conversational manner. It can recognize different forms of text and has a huge repository for its training hence enabling it to answer most questions

A copy for

Chat GPT can answer queries in a human-like manner and can also do some other tasks like writing and debugging codes to writing copies, it threatens to steal the jobs of coders and copywriters alike. Even though it does have some limitations, it will definitely change the way we work. Here are some jobs that can change with the help of ChatGPT. 


Copywriting, content writing, or anything related to writing can be done by ChatGPT. It can write a  crisp copy for any website or a satisfactory blog of 500 words within seconds. Obviously, it is difficult for chatGPT to write about less famous products and services but the content that is written by chat GPT does not feel very robotic. 

However, it does feel very generic and not a lot of creative exclamations are in the blogs or the copies that are produced by ChatGPT. Now even though the text does change every time you ask the same query, it is generic and bland 

ChatGPT can be used as an inspiration for writers to create more writeups effectively. It can help writers be more productive and gain some perspective before creating a piece. 

An example blog on lipsticks 


Chat Gpt can really nail a program in a few seconds. It can write programs, debug them and translate languages within seconds. It can write really simple lines of codes 

So will not lie,  but those entry-level programming positions can be threatened by this AI.

But as a programmer, the experience can teach solving complex issues using programming. ChatGPT is a great opportunity to automate some tedious coding tasks and manage the menial codes for a programmer. 

Customer support

It has been a while since when customer support dealt with chatbots but ChatGPT is one of them that can empathize with clients and give a human-like feel and emote using words. It is designed to have a conversation and review the previous answers. It can provide this empathetic help that many other chatbots can fail. However, the effect of a human voice and the human feel cannot be replaced by chatGPT. However, this is true that humans will not solve menial problems anymore. A human will be involved only when the issue requires one. 

It can be a great tool for training customer support employees. Also, it can be a great tool to automate a lot of tasks in maintenance and support. 

An example of being unable to use an operating system. 

As far as all these jobs are concerned, ChatGPT can do them surprisingly well. It can also Do other things but if you push it enough, its limitations will be visible. 

Yes, it is a threat to entry-level jobs, however, it is a tool and an opportunity to make tasks easier and faster using ChatGPT. 

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