Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them

Project management consulting

Our expert team members help business owners on all fronts to navigate through various projects and project hiccups. Plan, execute, and control their projects more effectively with our expert professionals of Assystant. Deliver your projects on time, within budget, and increase your credibility among your stakeholders by collaborating with Assystant

UI & UX consulting

Improve engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty by creating user-friendly designs and interfaces with our experts at Assystant. Achieve their strategic objectives by curating your user interface and experience according to your target customers.

Case study

Check out how Assystant has helped organizations on multiple fronts to solve their problems and get solutions that are specific to their organization.

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  • Managing Data from Body Sensor Devices: Biomedical Labs

  • The client is an Italy based medical device innovator, designer, and manufacturer that aims to improve people’s health through technology and innovation.Our consultants worked closely with the client to understand and analyze their products to advice on the features and architecture of the web and mobile applications. The architecture planning also involved the utmost care of the security aspect of the project because of a large volume of sensitive user’s health-related data

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  • Journey to Enhance Media and Entertainment with AI

  • Making technology accessible to all and making entertainment much more entertaining and creating a whole new experience can be a challenge. With Assystant our client could have more efficient systems so that it becomes easy to Plan, create, publicize, and monitor everything in a PR team.

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  • Effective implementation of AI to reduce back office cost

  • Our client has several Gaming-machines distributed in multiple locations. Each machine captured the usage log and its corresponding game data, and it was updated on a central server once every midnight. The data was then exported to a spreadsheet.We collaborated with the client to elicit requirements and document them. After gathering and analysing the requirements, we captured the data, collated it, and processed it for reporting.