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We believe that technology is a powerful tool that can change lives and we strive to change lives for the better by creating efficient, robust, user-friendly, and engaging products

Design and create the realm of your future By leveraging the power of Assystant’s Applications

We focus on providing software products that can make complex and repetitive processes easier to do so that businesses can use their valuable time strategically. We strive to help businesses of all fronts have easier access to technology and use it as a tool for their growth and success and hence we create easy-to-use and efficient software products for all


Simplify and revolutionize your hiring process A powerful applicant tracking system to help you hire great talents, create a good candidate experience, and reduce your hassles Spot Axis and AI-powered ATS will help you automate your hiring process so you can screen, engage and hire the right candidates. Collaborate with your colleagues, parse resumes, automated job board posting, and interview scheduling made easy with Spot Axis

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  • cybersecurity tips against cyber threats
  • Cybersecurity tips to ward of Cyber Threats

  • In a 2022 report, it was found that nearly a quarter of US-based IT companies that have experienced a cyber attack has lost between 50,000 and 99,999 U.S. dollars. Hence it has become very important for businesses to take proper measures to protect themselves from cyber threats.

  • image of a 5g board
  • 5G and its impact in our lives

  • Even though 5G runs on the same radio frequencies as the ones used today, it will enable the current technology to do much more. Since everything will be connected, it will be a crucial technology in creating a more cohesive and