startup and entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it is vital to know and understand the market before you take any steps.

How we can create impact on startup and entrepreneurs industry

You might want to flesh out your innovative idea in the market. But what will happen if you take this risk and do not achieve your expected results? This is where we come in. We will help you from the first step of ideation to the last step of maintenance and support required.

Products/ services/ platforms that we offer related to the startup and entrepreneurs industry

  • The Software life cycle
  • Business analysis and business intelligence
  • Quality analysis
  • UI and UX consulting
  • MVP release
  • Maintenance and support.

Case study

Check out how Assystant has helped organizations on multiple fronts to solve their problems and get solutions that are specific to their organization.

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  • Maximizing Efficiency: Streamlined Property Management

  • Our client required a CRM that could handle data of a huge magnitude. They required a CRM that would integrate well with their existing tool stack and would give them automated workflows. Since our client deals with a huge consumer base it requires a CRM that can handle a huge magnitude of data. They also needed a highly scalable CRM that would be much more efficient than their legacy system.

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  • Increase repeat purchase with mobile app integration

  • As nutrition supplement is a niche market, with a majority of sales, generating from repeat buyers. The client wanted to make the buying process more convenient by making its products accessible through mobile devices Initially, we accessed and analyzed data of the client’s existing e-commerce portal from Analytics tools. Based on the usage pattern of the current e-commerce website, we conceptualized the cross-platform mobile application and developed using React-Native.

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  • End-to-end solution for online tutoring client

  • We were completely involved in developing the application from the ground up. We wanted to understand the business model and design an application that was simple to use. We had to make an application to improve our client's customer experience and make sure that scribers could report in exams appropriately without any delay.