data engineering

Data engineering

We bring in strong data analytics to help companies bring out their best potential by adopting artificial intelligence

Why us

Why be with us? Because we understand your needs and bring out the best potential in your project. We have a very specific process and have some principles that we follow regardless of the project.

Services we offer

  • Create data warehouses

  • We help you create data warehouses by pulling data from various sources which you can use for tuning in your business strategies.

  • Data pipelines

  • Ingest raw data to synchronize them in perfect time intervals. We will assyst you in making your data accessible to multiple parties and your data can be used to optimize your business decisions.

  • Data visualization platforms

  • We will help you visualize and report data so that you can understand and make the best business decisions guaranteeing you higher revenue.

  • Data platforms

  • Our teams have the expertise to build the data platforms that show the outcomes of all your data in a filterable dashboard custom-made for you.

Case study

Check out how Assystant has helped organizations on multiple fronts to solve their problems and get solutions that are specific to their organization.

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  • Maximizing Efficiency: Streamlined Property Management

  • Our client required a CRM that could handle data of a huge magnitude. They required a CRM that would integrate well with their existing tool stack and would give them automated workflows. Since our client deals with a huge consumer base it requires a CRM that can handle a huge magnitude of data. They also needed a highly scalable CRM that would be much more efficient than their legacy system.

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  • Increase repeat purchase with mobile app integration

  • As nutrition supplement is a niche market, with a majority of sales, generating from repeat buyers. The client wanted to make the buying process more convenient by making its products accessible through mobile devices Initially, we accessed and analyzed data of the client’s existing e-commerce portal from Analytics tools. Based on the usage pattern of the current e-commerce website, we conceptualized the cross-platform mobile application and developed using React-Native.

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  • Effective implementation of AI to reduce back office cost

  • Our client has several Gaming-machines distributed in multiple locations. Each machine captured the usage log and its corresponding game data, and it was updated on a central server once every midnight. The data was then exported to a spreadsheet.We collaborated with the client to elicit requirements and document them. After gathering and analysing the requirements, we captured the data, collated it, and processed it for reporting.