UI/UX Consulting

Our experts adapt to your current design, user flow, and user experience and will provide you with valuable insights and recommendations

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

Why us

we pride ourselves for our commitment and expertise. We at Assystant adapt to your business model and will recommend you cost effective and effective ways to bring that zing in your software so that you can ensure maximum consumer satisfaction and better retention.

How can we help

  • User Research

  • We will understand your target audience’s needs, behaviours, and preferences and will use various techniques to gather the same. Our professionals conduct various user interviews, surveys, and usability testing to gather valuable insights and will help you put yourself in the user’s shoes

  • Information Architecture

  • Create a clear and intuitive information architecture that makes it easy for your users to navigate your product and find what they need. Plan to elevate the user experience so it is never a hassle for them to find what they want and you can have a successful business

  • Visual Design

  • Create visually appealing and consistent designs that align with your brand identity and resonate with your users. Get actionable insights to create designs that will add a zing to your product to make sure you can leave a mark online

  • Interaction Design

  • We will research and suggest ways to make your software product so interactive that it feels like actual customer interaction. We will help you create software with intuitive user flows and interactions that guide your users to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively.

  • Usability Testing

  • We will conduct usability testing to test and validate assumptions and ensuring that your product is easy to use, accessible, and always meets your users’ needs.so you can be the leading star of the market

Case study

Check out how Assystant has helped organizations on multiple fronts to solve their problems and get solutions that are specific to their organization.

  • image of computer
  • Maximizing Efficiency: Streamlined Property Management

  • Our client required a CRM that could handle data of a huge magnitude. They required a CRM that would integrate well with their existing tool stack and would give them automated workflows. Since our client deals with a huge consumer base it requires a CRM that can handle a huge magnitude of data. They also needed a highly scalable CRM that would be much more efficient than their legacy system.

  • image of a mobile
  • Increase repeat purchase with mobile app integration

  • As nutrition supplement is a niche market, with a majority of sales, generating from repeat buyers. The client wanted to make the buying process more convenient by making its products accessible through mobile devices Initially, we accessed and analyzed data of the client’s existing e-commerce portal from Analytics tools. Based on the usage pattern of the current e-commerce website, we conceptualized the cross-platform mobile application and developed using React-Native.

  • Biomedical Devices - Digital Transformation
  • Managing health data from remote biomedical IoT devices

  • The client is an Italy based medical device innovator, designer, and manufacturer that aims to improve people’s health through technology and innovation.Our consultants worked closely with the client to understand and analyze their products to advice on the features and architecture of the web and mobile applications. The architecture planning also involved the utmost care of the security aspect of the project because of a large volume of sensitive user’s health-related data