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Check out how Assystant has helped organizations on multiple fronts to solve their problems and get solutions that are specific to their organization.

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  • Maximizing Sales Efficiency with a Custom CRM Solution

  • We held a workshop with our client’s sales team to understand their existing sales processes and the problems they faced in their legacy software. We analyzed the given situation and came up with a concept solution. Then we implemented the solution in phases and tracked the success with appropriate key performance indicators(KPI).

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  •  MVP development for an startup lead to funding

  • Like many early-stage startup founders, our client had a clear vision about the business and the problem they are targeting to solve. They also had large enterprise clients waiting to subscribe to the product. However, they did not have an in-house technology team to deliver the solution and run the demo with their prospects.

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  • Expert-Grade CyberSecurity Apps: Monitoring & Assessment

  • Assystant helped our client get easy-to-use web applications and cross-platform mobile applications. Also helped them design and develop effective and efficient cloud security assessment and scanning systems. 

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  • Cybersecurity Measures to Safeguard Your Company’s Data

  • In a 2022 report, it was found that nearly a quarter of US-based IT companies that have experienced a cyber attack has lost between 50,000 and 99,999 U.S. dollars. Hence it has become very important for businesses to take proper measures to protect themselves from cyber threats.

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  • Why Get A Custom Applicant Tracking System For Your Recruitment Team?

  • One of the most overwhelming tasks for a recruiter can be sorting through excel sheets manually to filter out the right one for your business. One of the other bigger challenges is having to manually enter the resume information again. It is very frustrating and can take up a lot of time.

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  • Will 5G Technology Have a Positive or Negative Impact on Society?

  • Even though 5G runs on the same radio frequencies as the ones used today, it will enable the current technology to do much more. Since everything will be connected, it will be a crucial technology in creating a more cohesive and