AI and agriculture

Assystant Revolutionizing Agriculture with AgriAI


AgriAI, a visionary Agritech company, based in The Netherlands, approached Assystant intending to revolutionize the agricultural sector. The primary objective was to predict the health of crops based on photos shared by farmers, empowering them with innovative solutions to enhance their harvests through smart farming.

Project Components:

The project comprised three integral components:

  1. AI Algorithm: A sophisticated AI algorithm designed to analyze images and predict the health of crops, identifying pests and infections.
  2. Web Application: An intuitive web application that served as a platform for administrators to manage data, and view insights, and recommendations.
  3. Mobile Application: A user-friendly mobile application integrated with the AI algorithm, allowing farmers to capture and upload images directly from their smartphones.

Assystant’s Contribution:

Our team at Assystant played a crucial role in realizing AgriAI’s vision. We not only developed the AI algorithm but also designed and implemented both the web and mobile applications. We provided valuable consultation for optimizing the UI/UX, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for users.

Technologies Used:

  • Node.js
  • Angular
  • Firebase
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • MongoDB


The project spanned from 2020 to 2021, during which we worked collaboratively with AgriAI to deliver cutting-edge solutions.


The applications developed by Assystant empowered farmers to easily recognize pests and infections through simple image uploads. This innovative approach significantly contributed to our client’s success, leading to substantial business growth.

Acquisition by Koppert Global:

AgriAI’s success did not go unnoticed. In a testament to the impact of our collaborative efforts, the company was later acquired by Koppert Global, a prominent Agriculture company in the Netherlands.


The AgriAI project stands as a remarkable example of how technology, when harnessed effectively, can transform traditional industries. Assystant is proud to have been a part of AgriAI’s journey toward creating sustainable and tech-driven solutions for the agricultural community.

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