Bespoke CRM increased sales efficiency


The client is a mid-scale chemical manufacturing company that manufactures paints, adhesives, waterproofing membranes, and other chemical-based products. The company is headquartered in India and sales its product across the nation. The annual revenue of the company is $25million+.

The problem

The client has a distributed sales team and was using an off the shelf Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software to manage its sales team. It was paying a monthly subscription fee to use the software. However, the sales team was rarely using it. The client realised that the software was too complicated to use. So, the client engaged Assystant to build a custom solution to tackle the challenge.

Our Solution

We held a workshop with our client’s sales team to understand their existing sales processes and the problems they faced in their legacy software. We analyzed the given situation and came up with a concept solution. Then we implemented the solution in phases and tracked the success with appropriate key performance indicators(KPI). Our strategy was to prevent disrupting their existing sales processes and develop the solution as a sales enabler.


The sales team adopted the solution without any training.
The company reported an increase in sales productivity by 25%(calculated based on the number of sales visits) in the first month after implementation into production.

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