Application to manage data from body sensor devices


The client is an Italy based medical device innovator, designer, and manufacturer that aims to improve people’s health through technology and innovation. Primarily, it generates revenue from technology licensing and sales from biomedical devices.

The problem

Our client’s Research and Development team innovated two new IoT devices to their product portfolio. One is a wearable device for people with Parkinson’s disease; The other is a portable device for people suffering from chronic respiratory problems. However, the client was yet to develop web and mobile applications to manage the data from the devices. Thus, the client engaged Assystant as an expert to develop the applications to achieve faster time to market, application predictability, and stress-free maintenance.

Our Solution

Our consultants worked closely with the client to understand and analyze their products to advice on the features and architecture of the web and mobile applications. The architecture planning also involved the utmost care of the security aspect of the project because of a large volume of sensitive user’s health-related data. Albeit, we planned the architecture at an enterprise scale but executed the project at Startup speed without diluting the quality of the delivery.


Collaboration with the client and speed of execution by our team enabled the project to complete in a stipulated timeframe.
The enterprise-level architecture is both robust and nimble enough to accommodate any future enhancement of the applications.

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