Simplify your hiring process

We provide a powerful recruitment software customised exactly as per your need.

Data driven hiring

We provide technology for modern recruitment teams to hire talent faster.

Attract talent

  1. Post job vacancies to multiple jobs boards so that you can find talents from all across the globe
  2. Create your custom careers page
  3. Share your listings on all your social media sites
  4. Parse your resumes quicker than ever

Engage and collaborate

  1. Use SpotAxis and organize your data like never before
  2. Evaluate the candidates by creating questionnaires just with a click
  3. Schedule interviews and create a hassle-free experience for candidates
  4. Set up clear communication networks and connect with clients and internal teams for the best cultural fit.

Hire with data

  1. Keep a track of scores and create various dashboards and scoreboards thereby helping you choose the right one.
  2. Move candidates that meet your culture closer to hiring.
  3. Screen candidates on the basis of their performance and mitigate bias.

Guaranteed 100% tangible results in one month

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Guaranteed 100% tangible results in one month