Your Customers are on your website, and you don’t know it.

Our Solution will help you to increase sales by converting visitors into leads.

Increase your sales

At Assystant, we provide a next-generation digital solution for your Real Estate business to capture non-negotiating leads from your website and channel partners and close more deals. With the decrease in marketing budget across the Real Estate sector, our solution comes to rescue as a cost-effective and innovative sales enablement tool.

Featured Stories

At Assystant, we have worked across sectors and geographies to deliver meaningful solutions that have resulted in successful outcomes for our clients. We have managed to achieve such results because we pursue a pragmatic approach that yields value to our clients.

Case Study . India . Retail

Increased conversion for an e-commerce client

CASE STUDY . Italy . Healthcare . IOT . Healthtech 

Digital Consulting to a biomedical engineering company

Case Study . Start up . HRTech . Dubai 

Rapid application development for a HRTech Startup


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