Operational efficiency improved for a property manager


The client is a property management company based in Michigan, USA. Primarily, it generates revenue from rent collection from the property it is managing. The reported annual revenue for the year 2018 was $2million+.

The problem

The client collected several crucial real-time business data. The collected data was always exported to an excel spreadsheet for analysis by the managers. The entire process was cumbersome. So, the client roped in Assystant to help them to streamline the reporting and analysis, which will free the managers from this otherwise time-consuming process.

Our Solution

We collaborated with the client’s managers to elicit the requirements and understand their current processes. The project involved multiple databases, so our team devised a data integration strategy to collect data from different sources and collate into a single data warehouse. After building the data warehouse, we created the report using Google Data Studio for all the metrics.  


Managers are now able to analyze the reports directly, which gets updated automatically. It freed them from the earlier cumbersome process. This lead to a surge in productivity by the managers.

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