Mobile app helped a retail company to increase repeat purchase


The client is a nutrition supplement retailer and distributor, headquartered in Mumbai, India. They generate revenue from their proprietary e-commerce portal, e-commerce marketplaces, and own offline stores present in major cities across India. According to some estimates, the client had a revenue of $5million during 2018.

The problem

As nutrition supplement is a niche market, with a majority of sales, generating from repeat buyers. The client wanted to make the buying process more convenient by making its products accessible through mobile devices. The client engaged Asysstant to build a user-friendly, lightweight mobile application to enhance the customer experience.

Our Solution

Initially, we accessed and analysed data of the client’s existing e-commerce portal from Analytics tools. Based on the usage pattern of the current e-commerce website, we conceptualised the cross-platform mobile application and developed using React-Native. Since repeat buyers are at the forefront of this project, the app has a unique feature that allows the user to reorder from past orders, and simultaneously edit variant and quantity while doing so.


Repeat buyers to increase (in percentage)

Decrease in time to check-out (in percentage)

Increase in profit margin (in percentage)

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