Chatbot adoption increased sales by 20% for an e-commerce client


The client is a nutrition supplement retailer and distributor, headquartered in Mumbai, India. They generate revenue from their proprietary e-commerce portal, e-commerce marketplaces, and own offline stores present in major cities across India. According to some estimates, the client has a revenue of $5million during 2018.

The problem

As a growth-oriented retail company, our client was concerned about the bounce rate in the e-commerce portal and low conversion rates. So the client engaged Assystant to consult and provide a solution to the case.

Our Solution

Our team analysed the data from Google Analytics and concluded with three hypotheses to solve the problem. One, the e-commerce website had scope to improve mobile optimisation, reduce bounce rate. Two, a discount for repeat buyers can increase loyalty, increase conversion. Three, gamification for the users, reduce bounce rate, increase conversion. We collaborated with the client’s marketing team and released the features in phases and tracked the success of the solution with appropriate metrics.


Our solution helped our client see a drop in the bounce from original traffic by 50% and an increase in conversion rate from earlier 0.5% to 0.6% in the first month after full production of the project.

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