Back office cost reduced for a Gaming machine company


The client is a coin gaming machine rental business. It is headquartered in Belgium and has sales across Belgium and Luxembourg. The reported annual revenue of the company in 2018 was $2million+.

The problem

Our client has several Gaming-machines distributed in multiple locations. Each machine captured the usage log and its corresponding game data, and it was updated on a central server once every midnight. The data was then exported to a spreadsheet and collated with all previous data to generate updated reports about machines. This process was cumbersome and exposed to human error. So the client engaged Assystant to build a reporting system that would mitigate the risk of human error and update reports faster than before.

Game Machine software by Assystant

Our Solution

We collaborated with the client to elicit requirements and document them. After gathering and analysing the requirements, we captured the data, collated it, and processed it for reporting. Then we utilised the vetted data to create visualisations using a reporting tool. Our strategy was to avoid human intervention in the data processing stage and show the data in a filterable dashboard.


The implementation of the new system helped the company to mitigate the risk of human error. It reduced backend operational costs and increased productivity.

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