Land developer sold out lots in a record time

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K&L Homes Inc is a 30+ year-old USA-based builder and land developer that focuses to inspire community living. Primarily, it generates revenue from the sale of lots and the construction of custom houses.

The problem

As a real estate developer converting traffic into customers required regular efforts and management. 1. Static websites. Required manual updates of plot availability 2. Lead forms. Prospects avoided filling long boring lead forms 3. Accessibility. Untapped potential outside local geography

Our Solution

We collaborated with the client to design an interactive website that allows prospects to book their plots seamlessly. 1. A proactive booking engine to engage and digitally book the slots 2. An AI-enabled lead magnet to collect client details 3. A seamless collaboration tool for channel partners to refer more customers


After implementing our interactive solution, the company had 1. Completed SOLD OUT all the plots within 15 months 2. Increased their lead form-filling rate to 1.7% 3. Accelerated their sales cycle to 24 days

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