Assystant is a software consulting and services company. We work with growth seeking businesses across several sectors and geographies with a holistic approach. We differentiate ourselves by building strategic partneships with our clients to create next-generation human-centric digital experiences. 


Our Story

 Since our inception, Assystant has been helping businesses to transform through technology. We are continuously growing. Simultaneously, we are evolving our product and service offerings. Over the years, we have prioritized upskilling our team and innovating different systemic solutions.


Commencement of business as Travelder and officially Travelder Infosolutions Private limited

2015 - 2016

Started services in Application development in Travel domain and Product consulting


1. Developed a proprietary document parsing system.
2. Developed a proprietary resume parser.



1. Expanded Application development beyond the Travel domain.
2. Landed our first Global client.

2020 - NOW

1. Rebranded our business to Assystant and officially Assystant Technologies Private Limited
2. Launched new products and services.

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