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Expert-Grade CyberSecurity Apps: Monitoring & Assessment


About client

Our client is based in the Netherlands and they have a clear vision to make cybersecurity accessible to all. They wanted an application that could do precisely that, efficiently. They wanted applications that can address cybersecurity issues easily and effectively. Our client had challenges getting a  cloud security assessment and scanning system that was effective and easy to use.

The project

Assystant was tasked to build web and mobile applications for our clients so that they can address cybersecurity issues especially the ones of the cloud. Also, we were tasked to create a modern and efficient assessment and scanning system that will show security issues appropriately and provide ways to fix them.

The challenge

Dealing with cloud security can be challenging because there are so many ways to deal with it. We were with our clients to provide solutions that would suit them the best. Also, they required wanted an efficient and cross-platform mobile application and a scalable web application that is easy to use and equipped with modern technologies.

How were we involved?

Our skilled team members recommended the most cost-effective solutions for our clients after quickly reviewing their business model. We created a plan and an architecture that was suited for them. We continued working on their application once they approved it. We designed and developed a cloud security system and scanning system for our client that is easy to use, understand, and efficient. We could work directly with our client and were able to give our first deliverable within timeline  because we believe that time is money for a business. Furthermore, we could provide our clients with a cross-platform mobile application that will allow their customers to remain connected at all times

The results

Our client could solve cybersecurity issues of consumers easily and witnessed rapid growth on customer base . 

Also, they saw an increase in the loyalty of their customers and got modern systems that can continuously assess, demonstrate, and verify the current state of the security.

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